In the strange times we are living in, here is a tax accountant’s view of how things are these days. Sometimes I write blogs that give tax advice, sometimes they talk about our accounting services offered, sometimes they talk about the nature of tax laws. Today, this blog is just going to give you my view of the world today.

These are definitely strange times we are living in. Whether you are considered an essential business like we are, or whether your company is temporarily closed, everyone has been impacted in some way, shape, or form. My husband is working from home, and he’s ready to be back at the office. My sister has been at the office and just last week got sent home. I have been working as usual, and I’m ready to stay at home for a little bit. My daughter is bored out of her mind but keeps going to college on-line. My neighbors put their house on the market, and it hasn’t sold, and there aren’t many people checking it out. My neighbors, who used to go to the office, are posting about their home improvement projects while I am not.

What used to be normal is now far from it. I’ve seen more people walking in the neighborhood than ever before. I see girls riding their bikes back and forth, back and forth. I’ve witnessed neighbors who use to meet in their driveways to chat, standing far apart. I haven’t been out to dinner with my girlfriends in quite some time. Going to the grocery store is an adventure of another kind. My friends in the health care industry are happy they can help but scared they might catch it. Can you blame them?

Here is the point where I ask you all to be patient with each other. What stresses one person out may not stress another, but one thing is certain….we are all living in strange times. Mental health issues abound everywhere. Please be kind to one another, you never really know what is going on with someone else.

What are you doing to cope with Corona Virus living? I, for one, am trying to exercise at home with a group via zoom. I have a weekly marketing meeting I attend via zoom now. I am emailing my clients instead of having them come in. But most importantly, I am finding more time to read and walk the dog. Yes, I am still in the midst of a tax season that should have ended today but won’t for a couple more months now. Yes, I still felt the stress of the regular season because people who turned in their info still wanted their returns done asap. Is the vacation I was hoping to take soon going to happen? Probably not. It will be a stay-cation if it does thanks to the Corona Virus. Maybe then I post about my home improvement projects like everyone else is, but until then, know that I am still working hard to get done what I can while still going to the office every day to serve my customers to the best of my ability.

I hope and pray you are staying strong, healthy, and safe during these uncertain and very strange times.

CDC Advice for COVID-19:

CDC Advice for Mental Health during COVID-19: