So often, my posts are about accounting, taxpayer alerts, or PPP loan criteria. But this post today is about anything and everything. You see, we had an eventful weekend over Memorial Day and continuing into the past weekend. We have a lot going on in our house right now, and it is sometimes overwhelming. In this time of COVID-19, you may feel overwhelmed too. They say talking about it can make you feel better. You will at least know you are not alone. I can say I always know I’m not alone, but I don’t always remember that. The last few days have reminded me of that. You see, I attend Trinity Church in Spring Hill. We have a lot of changes happening at the church. We are changing locations after the live stream mandate is no longer in effect, and we are getting a new pastor in a couple of months. Our current Pastor is constantly reminding us of the hope we have in Jesus. So during this time of change, I have been reminded that God is always with us. It has popped up in a couple of Daily Devotionals, a verse here and there, etc. Having said all of that, I can’t imagine what a non-believer goes through during times like these.

So back to the family stuff. My husband was diagnosed with CLL (a blood cancer) last year. We are truly blessed because the ordeal has brought the family closer together, and we are definitely closer to God. In addition to the cancer, he has needed surgery. The cancer probably wouldn’t have been found had it not been for this other issue. So yes, blessed again! However, it has been a long year for him dealing with the pain. They wanted to wait for a month after his cancer treatments were finished. He was supposed to have surgery on April 13th, but that got pushed back, and now we are so close! Only a week to go. We are all hopeful the surgery will happen as planned. And that, my friends, is what has me worried. It’s very scary to think of your loved being operated on. I’m not even sure I’m allowed to go in with him. All I know is that now, in addition to praying for Mark, the surgical team, the hospital staff, etc. now, I have to pray for my feelings of unfaithfulness. Yep, you read that correctly. We have blessed throughout the whole ordeal. We are in the final stretch, and I am not sure how the surgery will turn out. That is me being unfaithful. I know this is in God’s hands, and I know He has been there for us and will continue to be there. So why do I doubt so much? I have no idea.

My daughter had a rough weekend, and she broke it down and analyzed it to this: Everyone asks how my parents are, but no one asks how I am doing. That must be a terrible thing to realize! Trying to explain to a teenager (very late teens mind you) that God is with us always, is not an easy thing to do without them thinking I’m preaching. But maybe that is exactly what I should be doing. Shouldn’t my children know that I will always love them, and so will God? The peace, the calm, the security that comes from being a true believer is absolutely amazing. And so is the pain we feel for others. God has put all the emotions out there for us. Won’t you let Him win the battle with you today and every day?