By now, most people have heard about the social distancing needed because of the novel (new) COVID-19 (Coronavirus). There is also self-quarantine, which is more strict than social distancing. Social distancing says avoid crowds as much as possible. This is being played out in the canceling of sports events, live streaming of church services, and grocery stores closing early. Self -quarantine is just like it sounds. You stay isolated for at least two weeks to avoid any possible exposure to the virus. Which one you choose is totally dependent upon your circumstances.

How does this impact your accountant visit? It all depends on the accountant! I personally live with an immuno-compromised individual, so I have stopped shaking hands. Please don’t be offended. I am trying to keep my client visits to a minimum, and I’m striving to keep the appointments as short as possible. Of course, I’m washing my hands frequently as well. All of this is a necessary precaution. Another step we are taking is having our clients upload their documents. We have done this with the majority of our clients this year anyway, but it is now becoming a necessity. I don’t meet with my monthly bookkeeping clients as a temporary measure too. We have a phone call, online meeting, or have postponed until May. In other words, your normal accountant appointment is being affected, just like everything else these days!

The IRS has even gotten involved. They have established a special web page to help taxpayers, businesses, and others affected by the Coronavirus. The web page will be updated as new information becomes available. The House Ways and Means Committee has sent a letter to the commissioner asking for details on how COVID-19  is impacting the taxpayers. They are beginning discussions on ways to help, but there have not been any details disclosed as of yet. While sports season are being canceled, we won’t get that lucky with the tax season, but we may get an extended deadline. Stay tuned for more details on that.

All of this is to say; please contact your tax practitioner to see what they are doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Large gatherings are a no-no, but what about small gatherings, appointments, etc.? Please follow the CDC guidelines found here Use every precaution you can like frequently washing hands, using hand sanitizer often, and covering your coughs and sneezes. Clean and disinfect surfaces (think deep cleaning). If you aren’t feeling well, please stay away from other people and use your best judgment about seeing a health care professional. It is more important now than ever to exercise an overabundance of caution. Now is the time to put others in the forefront of your mind and be concerned for everyone’s health – not just your own.

We are able cloud-based and able to help you with your taxes without the “tax meeting.” If you are not feeling well and need help, please contact us for instructions on how to submit your documentation so we can help you out. our number is 931-286-2654. Stay happy and healthy!