People often talk about not being happy in their jobs. I wonder how often it is the environment versus the work. I have been on both sides of the coin. I’ve done accounting jobs that I was not well suited for. I have worked in environments that were oppressive. But through it all, I remained true to my craft. Accounting is not for everyone. In fact, when people ask me why I became an accountant, I don’t have an answer. I can tell you my mother was an influence as she was an Accounting Manager, but she never encouraged me to be an accountant. Her words of wisdom were always “You can be anything you set your mind to,” “Dream big and don’t settle,” and “Have a job you where you love what you do.” My mother has told me before how proud she is of me.

I should return the favor and thank her for sound advice. You see, I didn’t dream of becoming an accountant, but I did, at some point, set my mind to becoming a CPA. I didn’t have an aha moment where I woke up one morning saying, I’ve got it! I’m going to be an accounting major. No, my wading into the waters was very gradual. I’m telling you this so that you will know; I love accounting. My big dream up to that point was to be an attorney. However, the college I attended didn’t have any pre-law program. Thank goodness they didn’t.

I took a freshman “weed out” accounting class. I don’t remember my grade, but I knew I did well enough to move on. And that’s what I did. I took the next accounting class, and it made sense to me, while others were baffled by it. After those two came more accounting classes and so on. There was a point where I had to declare a major. And for lack of anything else to declare, I became an accounting major. There were times I questioned my sanity throughout college and my career, but it always comes back to one thing… I love accounting. I must say that I genuinely enjoy the work. I enjoy some aspects more than others, but deep down, I am happy to say I’m a CPA. I’ve been in work environments where it isn’t pleasant, but the work is excellent. I’ve been in situations where I was doing accounting that I couldn’t grasp, but I know what my limitations are and have left that far behind. I know it takes a different type of brain to love accounting. It takes a particular kind of person to want to be an accountant. I can definitively say I am different. What makes me different now in my accounting career is that I have the opportunity to help other people now. Oh, how I wish this what I had done from the start. I’ve have discovered I have the best of both worlds. A job I love to go to every day and a job where I get to help others. Can it get any better this?